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My Recipes

Breakfast & Brunch Menu
My family usually starts a day with good breakfast .... I have always made an effort that the breakfast has no compromise on nutrition, taste and looks that its good essence is carried with us for the whole day...
Here are some of my Breakfast and Brunch menus cooking in my kitchen Early mornings ....
Cucumber Besan Cheela
Tomato Uttappam
Whole Wheat Dosa
Onion Tomato Uttappam
Spicy Guliyappa/Paniyara/Paddu
Plain Dosa+Basic Dosa Batter & Its Various Uses
Kanda Poha
Bajra/Pearl Millet Khichdi
Spinach/Palak Pasta
Oats Upma-For Healthy & Tasty Breakfast
Onion Pesarattu-Nutritious & Oil Free Dosa
Neer Dosa-A South Indian Traditional Breakfast Delight
Idlis-A Breakfast Full Of Proteins
Parathas/Rotis/Indian Flat Breads
 I have tried making Parathas and Rotis using diffrent combinations so that a mximum of veggies are added up in them to give them taste nutrion and looks....Here are a few from my kitty....
Rajma/Red KIdney Beans Paratha
Mooli/White Radish & Corn Paratha
Aloo Bhujia Paratha
Pudina/Mint Paratha-Fresh & Flavourful-Quick & Easy
Spring Onion& Molli/White Radish Paratha
Carrot Paratha
Mooli Methi Paratha-White Radish & Fenugreek Leaves In A Paratha-Go Green Go Healthy
Methi Corn Paratha-Fenugreek Leaves & Corn In A Paratha-Go Green Go Healthy
Coconut Paratha
Aloo & Palak/Potato & Spinach Paratha-Aloo With A Green Twist-Go Green Go Heathly
Aloo Pudina/Potato & Mint Paratha-Aloo Paratha With A Green Twist-Go Green Go Healthy
Rice Recipes
This section is very close to my heart as it reminds me of my office going days..... I and Ram would literally have a rush in the mornings.....
 While I had to pack the lunch boxes for both of us I usually made Pulav and Variety Rice..... Often with loads of veggies and grains in it with a no compromise on nutrition but quick to cook.....
Here are a few from my lunch box ....

Bisibelebhat-Bisi Bele Bhat Or Bisi Byali Huli Anna-Our Karnataka Specialty Rice
Moong/Green Gram Pulav
Palak/Spinach Pulav-Go Green Go Healthy
Corn Pulav-A Quick & Tasty Dish
Pudina/Mint Pulav-Go Green Go Healthy
During my office going days a huge bread baking factory and its heavenly aroma behind our office introduced me to the world of baking breads.Its a whole new world of playing with different flours,grains,yeast etc.It gives me a great pleasure baking my breads at home.
As I am not a huge fan of the all purpose flour (maida) I use a lot of whole wheat,oats,corn meal,finger millets and nuts in baking my breads.
Will keep updating this space with all my bread bakes.....
For the cup measurements please refer to ( Measurement & Conversion I Use) 
Basic Whole Wheat-Atta Bread
Oats Bread
Brazilian Fruit Bread
Cocoa Choco Chip Bread
Flax Seeds Whole Wheat Bread
Cashew nut Cranberry Loaf-Delicious Fruity & Nutty Bread
Beetroot Bread-So Very Colourful & So Very Soft
Chutney & Chutney Powders
Adding up tastes to our main dishes are these Chutney and Chutney powders....Will keep updating ..
Pudina/Mint Coconut Chutney-Quick,Easy,Fresh & Flavourful-Go Green Go Healthy
Peanut/Shenga Chutney Powder-3 Steps Quick To Prepare Spicy Accompaniment For Dosas,Idlis,Breads & Rotis
Simple Coconut Chutney
Dry Coconut Chutney Powder-An Accompaniment For Dosa,Idli,Toasts & Rotis
Curry & Gravy- Bhaji & Subzi
Ridge Gourd/Heerekai/Torai & Chickpeas/Channa Bhaji-A Quick & Tasty Side Dish For Chapattis
Cauliflower Green Gravy-Go Green Go Healthy-A Quick Side Dish For Rotis
Capsicum Jhunka-Go Green Go Healthy
Gaur Aloo/Cluster Beans & Potato Bhaji-A Quick Side Dish For Rotis
Dhabe Ki Dal-A Healthy Fusion Of 3 Dals
Carrot Gravy-A Perfect Healthy Side Dish For Chapattis & Pooris
Baby Aloo Lasaniya
Long Beans Bhaji-AQuick & Easy Side Dish For Rotis
Corn Palak/Spinach Gravy
Palakwale Channe-Spinach & Chickpeas Gravy-Channa With A Green Twist-Go Green Go Healthy
I try and make healthy snack for some quilt free munching.....will keep updating this space as and how I post the snacks.....
Baked Nippatu-Baked Savoury Crackers
Girmit-Quick Specialty Snack Of Hubli
Poha/Awlakki Chivda-Thin Flattened Rice Snack
Bhadang/Murmura Chivda-Guilt Free
Sweet /Desserts
I put in a lot of effort to maintain good health of my family who has a sweet tooth....
I try and make sweets and desserts using very less amount of ghee/clarified butter and substitute jaggery for sugar where ever possible.....
Here I have listed down my collection of Sweets & Desserts.....many more come.....
Beetroot Halwa-A Low Calorie & Healthy Colourful Delight
Rava Laddu-Semolina Sweet Balls
Till Shenga Laddu-Sesame Peanut Jaggery Balls
Finger Millet/Ragi Fudge
Sesame Fudge/Till Burfi
6 Cups Burfi