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About my Grand Veg Kitchen

Welcome all to my extended kitchen!
I am Vani.....a big veg freak foodie!!

 The love for cooking all started while in my childhood I used to visit my maternal grandparents at grandpappa had a huge garden hotel and we just resided beside it.

The morning walk in the garden hotel welcomed you with the views of.beautiful green plants...colorful flowers ...sweet chirping birds....all tables n chair set for the customers....the waiters all dressed neat and tidy just to begin their work.....and then comes the hotel kitchen which had such a busy view.....

The kettles boiling with fresh tea.....the crisp dosa coming out from the giant dosa tawa....the vadas blooming out of the boiling oil....& the steaming idlis.... such a nostalgic aroma around.....just would not feel like leaving the place.....

I would frequently visit the place even in the afternoon where they served thalis and again the kitchen getting busy for the evening food of misal pav, variety dosas  etc.......and to top it up the fresh ice creams coming out of the machines all ready to get set in the refrigerators for the evening customers....

I was so very tempted that I am his alone grandchild to have tasted almost all types of food from his hotel…..

Lovely were the childhood days where mom allowed me to cook a little of maggi…a little of my favorite cookies etc.

Now over a decade of my married life I always had in mind that I need to have a space of my own where I can list down all my collection of recipes and share with everyone the new ideas  I get about new successful experiments etc. but never had the time to sit down for the same as I was busy working for various banks and companies.It was only three yrs ago I and Ram had this lill angel come into our lives and I finally took a break from work got still more busy running around the lill one....Now finally I find some spare time for myself hence started this blog for the love of healthy food and also to share with u all what is cooking in my kitchen!

Here u will find all veg food straight from my kitchen with a healthy twist!!

Will regularly update easy to cook recipes.

Here u can be rest assured about the recipe as it comes tried, tested and tasted by my hubby -Ram , our cute lill daughter , by our guests and of course me.

All the images on my blog are copyright protected. So please do not hotlink them. Also please do not republish  or use my pics as I have put in a lot of effort behind them. If you want to use my images, then write to me at .