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Friday, February 14, 2014

Brazilian Fruit Bread

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my blog readers!!
Valentine’s Day brings with it loads of love, cute looking teddy, red goodies, chocolates & red roses!!
But this valentine I wanted to do something special and different .Though of baking some sweet bread for my hubby n lill daughter. My search leads me to the artisan bread baking and one can find the original recipe here …But as usual I was not very convinced to use all purpose flour fully hence I used some whole wheat flour. Also butter was replaced with healthy olive oil, eggs omitted and more nuts n fruits added. The measurements of all the ingredients were altered a little to suit our tastes.
The loaf was soft with a sweet and crunchy taste thanks to the nuts n fruits and the crest was a perfect golden brown.
So here comes from my Grand Veg Kitchen a Valentine special treat and festive bread…
Brazilian Fruit Bread

1 1/2  Cups all purpose flour (maida)
1/2  Cup Whole wheat flour (atta)
3/4 th Cup Milk
1 1/4 th tsp instant yeast
2 Tbsp Sugar
2 Tbsp Olive Oil
10 Raisins each cut into two
4 dried apricots finely chopped
5 Almonds finely chopped
1 Tbsp Walnuts chopped
2 Figs finely chopped
5-6 dried Cranberry chopped
1/4 th tsp Salt
1/4 th tsp Cinnamon powder
1/4 th tsp Nutmeg powder
For milk wash:
Dissolve 1 Tbsp Sugar in 1Tbsp milk
Chopped dry fruits and nuts take up a heart shape for Valentine's day



  1. Dissolve sugar in milk and warm it. Add instant yeast to it and cover and keep it for 10-15 mins. It turns frothy.
  2. Toss the chopped nuts and fruits in 1 tbsp all purpose flour (maida).
  3. Sieve all purpose flour (maida), salt and whole wheat flour (atta) into a big bowl. Add nutmeg powder, cinnamon powder, olive oil and mix well. Add the frothed mixture of milk to the flour and knead for 5 minutes. Stretch the dough and add the flour tossed fruits and nuts .Knead well for 10 minutes .Cover and keep for 10 minutes.
  4. Punch and knead again for 5 minutes and divide the dough into 3 parts and make a braid as shown in the picture.
  5. Place it on a greased or foil wrapped baking tray.
  6. Cover it with a damp cloth and allow it to rise for about an hour.
  7. Coat the risen bread with milk wash using a brush or with your finger tips.
  8. Bake in a preheated oven at 100 degree Celsius for 25-30 minutes on center rack. Keep an eye after 15 minutes as it is enriched dough with sugar, oil and milk it needs to be baked at low temperatures. Make a foil rap on top like a tent if its getting too brown at the top .Take it out after 10 minutes and transfer it into a cooling tray.
  9.  Slice only once it is fully cooled down.

Happy to have a perfect golden brown loaf

 A slice with a cup of morning tea was very refreshing !!

Enjoy your Valentine's Day !!!

Notes : If you want to have a very soft loaf then use entire 2 Cups of all purpose flour (maida) only.
You can add any dry fruits of your choice to make up a taste variation.


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