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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Plain Dosa + Basic Dosa Batter & Its Various Uses in my Kitchen

A South Indian kitchen is prominently known for its Dosas.
Once the grinding is done in the wet grinder and a big vessel of batter goes in the refrigerator my heart fills with joy & confidence as it takes care of a variety of breakfast for the next four days.
The basic Dosa batter is used in the preparation of several other dishes. Today I thought of sharing how I use this batter to make four various dishes.
Once the batter is ready I Just ferment two cups of batter to make Dosa and keep the remaining batter unfermented in the refrigerator and ferment it in parts the subsequent days.
The first day when the batter is freshly ground I make Dosas out of it.
The second day a portion of same batter is removed from the fridge and fermented and used for making Spicy Guliyappa /Paniyarams/Paddu.
The third day its Onion Tomato Uttappam and the last day its Tomato Uttappam

So lets begin with the Basic Dosa batter preparation and here we go.......
Basic Dosa Batter 
1 Cup Urad Dal –Split Black gram skinned/Maash dal
4 Cups White Rice
1 tsp – Fenugreek seeds
For the Cup size refer to Measurement & Conversion Calculator I Use   

Note: This Proportion makes around 8 Cups of batter when ground in wet grinder and a little less in quantity when ground in mixer .This batter can be refrigerated for a week and can be used to make Plain or Masala Dosas, Spicy Guliyappa /Paniyarams/Paddu, Onion Tomato Uttappams & Tomato Uttappams.

1. Place Urad Dal and White Rice in two different vessels. Add fenugreek seeds to the rice. Wash the Urad Dal and White Rice separately in two different vessels twice or thrice and fill the vessel with water so that its fully covered with water and soak for 4-5 hours.
2. Next drain water from Urad Dal but retain the water for grinding. Preferably use a wet grinder. First place the Urad Dal in the wet grinder and grind into a smooth paste by adding water little by little. You can use the strained water that was retained.
3. Transfer the batter to a vessel.
4. Strain the water from Rice and add it to the wet grinder and grind it into a smooth paste by adding little water as and how required.
5. Finally add the Urad batter to the Rice batter in the grinder and grind for two minutes so that the Urad batter and Rice batter get mixed well.
6. Transfer the batter to a big bowl.
Now for the Plain Dosa ferment just 2 Cups of the above batter and the rest can be refrigerated.

Plain Dosa Preparation
2 Cups Dosa batter
1 tsp Salt or to taste
Oil for cooking
1. Take two cups of Dosa batter and ferment it at least for 8 hours or overnight. Add little water to it if you feel its too thick and make it into a batter pouring constancy. Add salt & mix well.
2. Heat an iron skillet or tawa/pan. Sprinkle a few drops of water on the tawa and if it sizzles and evaporates the tawa is ready. Pour 2-3 drops of oil on the tawa and spread in circular motion with the help of a half sliced onion piece pierced to a fork.
3. Next its all the flame game. Keep the flame on high and pour a ladle of Dosa batter on the center of the tawa .
4. Spread the batter into a circle. Use round shaped ladle.
5. Cover the lid and sim/lower the flame immediately.
6. Cook for 30 second and remove the lid.
7. If desired you can sprinkle 2 drops of oil on the dosa and high the flame.
8. Once the edges and the base turn golden lift the dosa slowly using a flat spatula.
9. Remove the Dosa from the tawa by folding one side. Lower the flame.
Repeat the process for next Dosa.

Serve hot with Simple Coconut Chutney or Dry Coconut Chutney Powder.
I will be soon posting the recipes for Spicy Guliyappa /Paniyarams/Paddu, Onion Tomato Uttappams & Tomato Uttappams in the coming days ....Enjoy !!!


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