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Friday, December 20, 2013

Girmit – Quick Specialty Snack of Hubli-Guilt Free

A request for the recipe from a friend and the chilling weather here all called for quickly preparing this snack. Girmit the word bring loads of memories of my days at Hubli where its very famous and is found at every road hawkers wrapped in a paper cone. Spicy with full of taste are the words to describe it.
So here comes from my Grand Veg Kitchen……
Girmit – Quick Specialty Snack of Hubli-Guilt Free 
Girmit-Quick Specialty Snack of Hubli-Quilt Free
Girmit is prepared in two stages -the seasoning and the final mix
The seasoning can be prepared at your leisure as it lasts for 4-5 days if refrigerated and the final mix just before we serve.
Final mixing is done per plate as it needs to be served immediately or turns soggy.

Ingredients for Seasoning:                          Ingredients for Final Mix:
2 Medium sized Onions                                 2 Plate Puffed rice (Approx. 4 hands full per plate)
1 Medium sized Tomato                                2 Tbsp –Roasted Bengal gram (Putani) powdered
5-6 Green chilies                                             1 Tomato small finely chopped 
1 tsp –Jaggery powder                                   1 Onion small finely chopped
1/2 tsp -Turmeric                                            Coriander leaves finely chopped & thick Sev to garnish
1/2 tsp -Mustard Seeds                                                
1 Tbsp -Tamarind water                            
2 Tbsp-Oil (Refined Sunflower or canola)
1 tsp –Salt or to taste
Method For seasoning: Heat oil in a pan. Add mustard seeds and once they crackle add green chilies followed by onions and sauté till onions are pink. Next add tomatoes, salt, turmeric, tamarind water and jaggery and cook covered on low flame till tomatoes turn soft. Turn off the flame once its reached gravy like consistency and allow it to cool.
Method for final mix:
Keep ready finely chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander leaves, roasted Bengal gram (putani) powder, sev, seasoning gravy ready in different bowls.
Put a plate full of crispy puffed rice in a vessel easy to mix and add 2Tbsp seasoning and 1 Tbsp Roasted Bengal gram (putani) powder and mix well with hand.
Put it on the plate and garnish with chopped tomatoes, onions, sev and coriander leaves.
Serve immediately and then work the mixing process for second plate.
For this recipe please do use thin layer puffed rice
To make puffed rice crispy keep it under the sun for an hour or heat it up in microwave for 30 seconds.
Roasted Bengal gram (Putani) can be easily powdered using mixer.
For preparing the tamarind water soak an inch of dry tamarind in 2-3 tablespoon of water for 15 mins. And then squeeze out the pulp.
All the ingredients in the recipe can be altered as per your tastes and can be done mild or spicy.
The remaining seasoning can be used to make more Girmit plates or as I used it as sandwich fillings. They tasted yummy!
Enjoy Girmit with split chilies or Mirchi bhajis!!!


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