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Monday, November 4, 2013

Bhadang / Murmura Chivda – A guilt Free Munching

All through the winters we have these endless sessions of tea and coffee with friends and family at home just blaming the weather. Also goes with it some munching…..I always try & make some guilt free munching snacks….here is one from my collection…popularly known as Bhadang in Maharashtra… one of my mom’s favorite as she hails from there. As we come towards the Karnataka region where I spent my childhood days the same Bhadang is called Chirmuri Chivda or Murmura Chivda.

So here comes from my Grand Veg Kitchen for this Diwali & for winters …

Bhadang / Murmura Chivda – A guilt Free Munching
6 Cups – Puffed rice (Murmura /Chirmuri)
1/4th Cup – Peanuts
1/4th Cup – Roasted Channa Dal (Putane)
50 ml – Refined Sunflower /Canola Oil
8-10 – Cloves of Garlic
2 String –Curry leaves
3/4th Tbsp –Red Chili powder
1/2 Tbsp –Cumin powder
1/2 Tbsp – Coriander powder
1 tsp – Mustard Seeds
2 Tbsp-Powdered Sugar
1/4th tsp- asafoetida (powder hing)
1 Tbsp –Salt or to taste.
Spread the Puffed rice (Murmura /Chirmuri) in a large plate and keep it under the hot sun for
an hour so that it turns crispy.
Transfer it into a large vessel which is convenient for mixing purpose.
Add salt and powdered sugar and mix with the help of spatula and by shaking the vessel
In a thick bottomed kadai /pan add oil and heat on low flame.
Once oil is hot add mustard seeds and once they crackle add peanuts followed by roasted
channa dal.
Fry for two minutes till they are slightly brown & crisp and then add pealed cloves of garlic, 
curry leaves and cook on low flame till the curry leaves and garlic turns crisp.
Next add the coriander powder and cumin powder.
Then add asafetida/hing and red chili powder and immediately turn off the flame or else it
will burn the red chili powder.
Mix well and pour this mixture on the Puffed rice (Murmura /Chirmuri) sitting in the large
Give a good mix and shake the vessel well so that each grain of Puffed rice
(Murmura /Chirmuri) is coated with the spice and oil mixture added.
Once cooled store  the Bhadang / Murmura Chivda in an airtight thin plastic bag.
Enjoy ur Diwali and Winters with the spicy taste of Bhadang / Murmura Chivda !!!!
Adding of garlic is optional but it definitely enhances the taste.
Always use a dry spatula to take a portion of the stored Bhadang / Murmura Chivda .This
will help retain its crispness and freshness.