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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Onion Pesarattu – Nutritious and oil free Dosa

A new taste from my kitchen with full of nutrition......

Onion Pesarattu – Nutritious and oil free Dosa


2 big Onions

1/4Cup Green moong dal(Split Green Gram)

1/4Cup Chana dal (Split Bengal Gram)

1/4Cup Tuvar dal (Split Red Gram)

5-6 Dry red chilies

 Salt to taste


Soak the three dals/grams together with red chilies for 6-7 hrs.

 Grind it with water to bring it to dosa batter consistency.

 Add salt to taste.

Have the onions finely chopped.

Heat the non stick tawa /dosa pan and spread batter just like dosa.

Immediately sprinkle onions on it and lightly press it and cover the lid n cook till slightly crisp.

Take it off the tawa and serve hot with any chutney.

Gives u the nutrition of 3 dals in a dosa !


If you can spare a few calories you can have this dosa cooked with a little oil to enhance the taste further. Anyways I cook it without oil and they taste great!!


Ritesh sharma said...

The dosa looks so yummy and delicious, thanks for sharing this with us!!

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