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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Finger Millet Fudge (Ragi Halbai)

The festival of Diwali is just around & so is my kitchen set for some sweets but again healthy sweets. I usually take care that I alternate sugar with jaggery for most of sweet cooking….but again u can let go some calories during the festive mood …

Finger millet or Ragi as its commonly known is a rich source of calcium and so many other nutrients.

So this Diwali serve ur guests a little of health with tasty Finger Millet Fudge (Ragi Halbai)  & with of course more sweets coming up on my blog !!

So here comes from my Grand Veg Kitchen ….

Finger Millet Fudge (Ragi Halbai)
1/2 Cup - Finger millet (Ragi)
1/2 Cup -Crumbled/ grated jaggery
1 Tsp -Ghee /Clarified butter
2 Tbsp -Fresh grated coconut (optional)
2 Tbsp-Finely chopped dry fruits like almond, pistachio & cashew nut
Water – 2 Cups for grinding & 1/2 Cup to add to the extracted juice
A small pinch of Salt
A small pinch of cardamom powder for flavor
Soak the Finger millet (Ragi) in water overnight or for 7-8 hrs.
Grease backside of a large plate with few drops of ghee/clarified butter.
Drain the Finger millet (Ragi) from water and add it to the mixer with half cup of water and fresh
grated coconut and grind to a smooth paste. Add another half cup of water and grind well.
Add ghee/clarified butter to a thick bottomed pan/kadai.
To the same pan strain the mixture using a thin small pores plastic strainer to stain out the entire
juice .Also use a spoon to stir so that the process is quick.
Put back the remains to the mixer and add another half cup of water and grind well and stain again.
Follow this step once again with half cup of water with the remains so that the entire Finger millet (Ragi) juice is removed out.
Discard the remains and add jaggery to the juice accumulated .Also add a small pinch of salt and another half cup of water.
Stir well using a flat spatula and cook it on low flame till Finger millet (Ragi) is well cooked and forms a thick lump.
Add the chopped dry fruits and cardamom powder and stir well. Take the mixture off flame and put it on a greased plate.
Pat it to flat but thick layer using the same spatula and let it cool.
Cut it into burfi shapes with the help of the tip of the knife.
If you like it cold fridge the fudges for two hours n serve chill !!
If kept in fridge it lasts for 4-5 days.
Always experiment cooking sweets with a very small cup and when it comes out well go ahead with a large quantity. When you do in small quantities you get a hang of the process well.