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Friday, October 11, 2013

Aloo Pudina (Potato & Mint) Paratha –Aloo Paratha with a green twist -Go Green Go Healthy

How about adding some greens to our regular aloo it comes from my kitchen......

Aloo Pudina (Mint) Paratha –Aloo Paratha with a green twist -Go Green Go Healthy

 For stuffing:                                                              For dough:                                           

2 boiled potatoes                                                       2 Cups Wheat flour

1 onion                                                                      1/2 cup maida

2 handful of pudina (mint) leaves                              Salt to taste

3-4 green chilies                                                        Oil for kneading & cooking.

¼ tsp jeera (cumin seeds)

 ½ tsp garam masala

Salt to taste.


In a thick bottom kadai /pan heat 1tbsp oil and add jeera.

When it splitters add finely chopped green chilies followed by finely chopped onions.

When the onions turn pink add finely chopped pudina (mint) leaves and cook for a minute.

Add salt and garam masala, mix well and turn off the flame and allow it to cool.

Once cooled add boiled and mashed potatoes and mix well and shape them into small balls for stuffing.

In a big bowl mix wheat flour, maida, salt and mix well.

Add water and kneed to make it into a chapati dough consistency.

Add ½ tsp of oil and kneed well. Allow it to rest and make balls.

Flatten the dough balls slightly using the wheat flour and rolling pin/belan and stuff it with the

potato -pudina balls prepared.

Pack it up from all sides .Press in flour and roll the pin to make parathas.

Pan fry the parathas from both sides using little oil.

Serve hot with yogurt or butter!